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Manufacturer and Exporter Of Rattan & Other Furniture For Home and Hotel .

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Masindo furniture is one of the leading knock-down Cane Conservatory Rattan Furniture Manufacturing and Export Company in Indonesia and Malaysia and has been in bussiness since 1997. We specialize in knock-down rattan furniture known for the quality in UK since 1997
We hired international personel both from Europe and Asia to design and develope our products . This multi designers allow us to create a broad range of product designs which cater to the varying tastes preferences of consumers around the globe.

Our knock-down system are one of the best in global as our arm sides easily get fitted with any parts as long as it is from same model (you cannot expect this from others) . Our knock-down models normally packed using double wall carton boxes where in each cartons you will fine simple assembly instruction kit . Anybody can easily assemble our products based on steps given at the assembly kit .

We also have group of production technicians from the globe to ensure and checked the raw materials used for each models are carefully selected and checked to give strength of the product and perfect color matching , smooth surface and consistance quality. We have ability to do any finishing (color) as long as we are provided with color stick and swathes .

Our product ranges including living , bedroom , kitchen , outdoor , basketware and occasional furniture . Product made according to design can be done as well . We are happy to accept mixed orders even if it is only a 20 feet container . No minimum orders for each models as long as the total order came to full 20 or 40 feet container.

Furthermore please visit our website www.masindofurniture.com to view new models and etc.

Finally we are able to offer our production facility , management , technical skills , and knowledge of the industry , commitment to high quality and prompt delivery at competitive prices comparison to any other manufacturer both in Indonesia and Malaysia